About Us

When Sean and Anthony sat down together one afternoon, these two long time friends started thinking about how they could live with serenity and full of life, despite the tough juggling of running their own businesses, maintaining health, and building quality relationships with friends and family.

As a tea connoisseur, Anthony always wanted to give a fun spin to drinking tea, so that more individuals would  come to enjoy it. Wanting to provide an exceptional experience of drinking tea for all people, Anthony and Sean went on a year-long search to find that right recipe.  At last, they founded Kokee Tea in Virginia to expand their vision of offering high quality milk tea, made with hand-crafted consistency and natural ingredients.

Our Brand Story - KOKEE TEA

“KOKEE” is the first two syllables of the elephant in an Eastern language. In many cultures, elephants have been loved for their strength, sociability, leadership, and loyalty. They love to play in the water and consume as much as 11 gallons of water in a day. They can also hold more than 2 gallons of water in their trunk!

“TEA” is our identity, energy, passion, and sociability. We believe KOKEE TEA will provide our customers with exuberant energy, positive
social atmosphere, and excellent tea experience. We have full of passion to lead market trend and promise our loyalty to KOKEE TEA family .

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