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Franchise Inquiry

Twelve Step Guide to Business Opportunities with KokeeTea in the United States

  1. Franchisee – Filing Initial franchise inquiry

  2. Franchisee - Consulting with Sales Representative

  3. Franchisee – Doing Due diligence

  4. Franchisee - Submitting application

  5. Kokee Tea - Reviewing & Approving Application

  6. Kokee Tea – Delivering Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement

  7. Franchisee - Reviewing and Signing Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement

  8. Franchisee - Teaming up with Kokee Tea to Search the best Café Location

  9. Franchisee - Acquiring Lease at the approved café location

  10. Franchisee – Beginning Construction

  11. Kokee Tea – Training Franchisee

  12. Franchisee – Opening Café with Kokee Tea Support

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